Uses For Paracord

December 28, 2023 2 min read

Parachute cord is a nylon rope. The components of all-nylon Paracord make it weather resistant, meaning it will not rot or mildew. The strength of this compact cord is also called 550 cord as it can hold 550 pounds. Its so strong in fact that paracord was actually used t repair the Hubble Space Telescope by astronauts.

If you're severely bleeding and can't make it to a hospital immediately, paracord can be used as a tourniquet. Tie it above the wound and apply pressure to slow down the loss of blood. Splint – For broken bones in emergency situations, Use the cord to tie a splint. Rescue Line Whether someone is stuck in quicksand, drowning in water, or fallen down a ravine, paracord will provide the necessary leverage needed to pull a victim to safety. Tie a figure eight knot in your paracord, and toss the rescue line to the person in need. Shelter – In some survival situations, you might be forced to spend the night out in nature. If you have access to tree branches, you can create an emergency shelter using paracord in just a few minutes. Gather about 10 adequately sized, sturdy branches, remove the seven inner core strands, and use the guts to tie knots securing them together.  Fire starter – Those who know how execute the “bow” fire-starting method can use paracord as a bow by tying it to both ends of a bendable branch and use a stone as a socket. Hauling – One of the best uses of the 550 cord is its ability to haul incredible weight. Whether you need to haul your prey or carry firewood more efficiently, paracord can be tied around nearly anything for more efficient transportation. Rope Ladder – If you need to scale terrain that’s too steep to ascend, climb a tree for a better vantage, or find yourself at the bottom of a ravine, you can use two parallel cords to create a rope ladder and find your way back to safety. Hanging food - its always a good idea to hang food between trees also that Bears can't get to it. Fishing - There 7 inner nylon strands that can be used to make a net, or tie together for fishing line. 

We hand make our survival gear with the highest quality paracord. The amount of rope  depends on the product. Our 13 in 1 clip on has 12 feet of paracord with fishing line, tinder, cotton string and 7 nylon strands inside so your even more prepared







Eddie Martin
Eddie Martin

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