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Survival product Instructions

The 5 in 1 Paracord Survival Bracelet

The 5 in 1 has between 9-10 feet of 550 pound parachute cord. If needed just turn the bracelet upside down, look for the melted end, and pick or cut apart to open and unravel. The flint has a coat of paint, so a few strikes with the non bevelled edge of the metal striker, which is on the other end of the buckle. While bracing the flint with a finger on the backside of it and using a pushing downward motion to get sparks.  Theres also an emergency whistle, cutting tool and compass. We can make any colour or combination of colours you'd like.  See our selection.


10 in 1 paracord Survival Bracelet

The 10 in 1 bracelethas the same buckle as above, The only difference is that we have 2 fish hooks inside the weave, and inside the actual paracord is the fishing line, copper trip wire which can be used for snares or traps. The tinder is waxed so it stays dry. To use you would simply pull out a piece and pull it apart or ruffle it up into a ball or pile, then spark the flint into for starting a campfire. Theres also a red marker string or multi purpose string inside as well.  See our selection

The Survival Necklaces

The 8 in1 necklace is a dog tag style necklace. The arrow head/spear head, fish hooks, and spinners simply pop right out, and the tinder, fishing line and cotton string for sewing wounds, are right inside the paracord.  See our selection

The 3 in 1 necklaceis 3 ft of 550 pound parador, flint and a striker on an adjustable necklace.  See our selection

6 in 1 Clip-On

The clip ons work in the same way. The 6 in 1 clip on has a smaller amount of rope ( 3 ft) but comes with the same buckle with the flint, compass, cutting tool and whistle, and we have also added a bottle opener. We can make any colour you'd like.  See our selection

the 10 in 1 clip-on has the tinder, fishing line, and copper trip wire inside the paracord, and fish hooks embedded under the weave. For these clip ons were able to use larger fish hooks than in the 10 in 1 bracelets. And of course the same buckle with the flint, compass, whistle, and cutting tool.  See our selection


This is our newest creation, and our most popular item. The ranger clip-on is our ultimate tool. We have 2 fish hooks securely wrapped inside.  The fishing line, weather proof tinder and cotton string for sewing wounds, is all right inside the actual paracord, so if needed, you'd easily just pull it all right out after unravelling the paracord. The tinder inside is a waxed thick red string, you would only need to cut a small piece, ruffle up into a ball and then strike into it with the flint and it will light up immediately.  On the outside is a much bigger stick of flint right on the bottom. The striker is the black metal piece that's wrapped at the top with  a second color paracord. Also there a bigger compass and louder whistle than on the buckles. We also put a rubber ranger band on which is great for starting campfires as it holds a flame for a long time, or could be used for other purposes.   See our selection

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